One Health

One Health is built around the concept and understanding that human, animal, and environmental health are all interconnected.  The One Health strategy is meant to expand interdisciplinary collaborations in all aspects of health, including biomedical research, medical education, and public health, to share vital knowledge and achieve solutions more effectively and expediently.

Telehealth Suite believes and promotes the One Health concept, through our remote monitoring programs, virtual care centers, and development of clinical protocols for both medical and veterinary professionals, through T-Suite and VetNOW respectively.  T-Suite provides collaborative care through care coordinators, nurses, nurse practitioners pharmacists & nutritionists.  VetNOW provides the same collaborative care through veterinary technicians, farm staff, and both general practice veterinarians and specialists.

The Future Is Here

By using our cutting-edge T-Suite Platform, our clients will see marked behavioral modifications, clinical and quality outcomes in patients with chronic conditions, and streamlined financial performance. As a result, our T-Suite Platform will reduce unnecessary transfers/transport, ER visits, inpatient admissions, and overall costs.

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